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Dj Trap Setup

Dj services

Family owned sound, lighting, and entertainment company local to Nashville Tennessee. We offer any type of music for your event and work with you to build songs for your musical preference and help your event flow. We can provide any type of music you want and we specialize in getting your guests on the dance floor. We can also provide live music and entertainment.  


Photo Booth 

We have state of the art, cutting edge photo booth & 360 booth available for your event that share directly to email, social media or your guest photo album to create the ultimate guest experience and memory of your event. We have several backdrops to choose from ranging from event specific to plain or corporate versions. This is the perfect addition to any DJ package or stand alone!!



We own, operate and maintain professional grade, top of the line equipment to accommodate any room size or outdoor event. We can provide enough sound equipment to accommodate full band performances of any size. We have several sound system options to choose from and can set up a few in different areas of your event as needed. 

Lighting & Special Effects

Our lighting capabilities include accent lighting, color wash lights, moving lighting to the sound of the music, moving head lights, black lights and lasers. All of our lighting packages come with the use of a haze machine to accent the lights. We also offer low-lying or geyser fog machines to capture our full lighting experience, however venue restrictions sometimes apply. Other options include confetti cannons, cold spark machines, video monogramming, custom gobos, video projection, LED foam sticks, bubble machines, and much more!! Use your imagination and we can bring it to life.


Rates & Policies

Trap & Drape has a growing inventory of pipe & drape rental solutions available . Our drapery products are of the highest quality and are typically hung from freestanding pipe frame assemblies or ceiling trusses. The “pipe and drape” assembly allows our team or yours to efficiently transform an ordinary room or event venue into a highly‐attractive, customized space.

Most of our prices are tailored to the specific requirements of your event and are derived from equipment needs, travel time, size of event, services and planning needed, and length of time for your event. Our prices are competitive across the market based on service to value comparisons. 50% retainer is required at the time of booking to secure your event dates on our schedule. Remaining balance and payment in full is due 30 days prior to event. We accept gratuity for services discretely, however we will not accept tips for music or song requests. All requests for music shall be submitted before the day of the event in order to help your event flow properly and professionally unless specified.

Pipe and Drape


Photo Gallery

Cold Sparkler Fountains

Indoor/outdoor safe for touch cold sparkler machines are the perfect add on to bring a bang to your event! We rent these out in sets of 2. The sparks can go as high as 20 feet in the air.

IMG_2483 2.JPG

Dancing on the Cloud


This has always been a big hit with the first dance at weddings. We have 2 options to create this effect: dry ice machine or low lying ice fog machines. If you want this classic look, we can make it happen!

IMG_3479 2.JPG

Custom Gobo Projection


See your name in lights at your event. We can custom make gobo projections on walls, ceilings, floors or anywhere you would like it crisp and clear. We offer cool white or warm white projectors. We can also build projection monogram loops and displays.


Bubble Machines


We have several professional grade bubble machines available. These provide a unique and magical experience. Everyone loves bubbles!! Ask about the UV reactive bubbles and combine them with the UV and Laser dance party for an amazing party.


Confetti Cannon


We have a few options for confetti cannons depending on the mounting location. If you're looking for an unforgettable picture opportunity or surprise for your guests, this is the perfect way to take your event to the next level.


Fog Geysers


These are LED up lights programmable with built in fog machines. They can be positioned to shoot straight up or mounted to shoot out, down, or sideways. Use the colors to make a fire look, water, green or UV. The fog fluid is a water based steam that disappears quickly.


CO2 cannons 


These are an awesome way to celebrate with your guests. We offer a pistol and a rifle grip nozzle safe for use inside or out. We offer different tank types and sizes depending on your needs and vision.


Find out more about all of our services and offers!

If you're interested in booking or learning more about all that we have to offer, find out more by clicking the link below to submit your details. Thank you!

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